Thursday, March 1, 2007

Finding purpose in 2 conversations

Two things I was reminded of this evening while at wrestling camp:
  1. You often never get to the things that you plan
  2. We need to be ready at all times for an outreach conversation

I had planned to sit back, watch the boys wrestle, and read/ take a few notes from one of my current books. Turns out, that lasted for about 5 minutes. I had one conversation regarding the prioirty that sports (specifically wrestling at this time) has in our lives. I was able to talk about how we have established church as a priority the majority of Folkstyle tournaments are out of the question for us, because they are on Sunday. Not because wrestling or a tournament on Sunday is necissarily a bad or sinful thing; but because if we chose that we would be choosing to miss our worship service for approx. 8-10 weeks in a row. Good conversation.

Next thing I know, a dad from Little League (LL) slides up next to me. We spent the next 40 minutes or so just talking LL, kids, life stuff in general. No blatant spiritual connection; just getting to know one another better. This is a man who I have talked to several times in the past few years. Never worked directly with him, kids never on same LL team, or anything, just an aquaintance. It struck me that it might not continue to be that way, God seemed to show me that he may be someone I will have coninued contact with. Time to help scatter seed, throw a little water and aee what grows under the direction of the Holy Spirit. It really is fun when God lets you in on the things that He is working out in other people.

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