Saturday, March 3, 2007

politics, draft picks, parents, ... it's all for the kids

We had week one of our Little League (LL) tryouts today. Here are a few radom thoughts on the day and LL in general. FYI, I am managing a majors division baseball team, will help with my daughter's minors softball team, umpire at least my fair share of games, and work the concession stand. I'm not even on the board (only because of the threat on life and limb that my spouse has wisely set before me.)
  • I love baseball and I love the ballpark.
  • what an awesome opportunity it is to interact with people in this environment
  • I need to remember what an opportunity it is
  • having kids stand in line to field balls and hit in front of adults with the hopes of being picked is an awfully intimidating thing
  • give me a good attitude, heart and supportive parents over pure talent any day
  • new pitching rules are really going to put a premium on kids that can throw strikes!
  • sometimes I wish that we lived in a part of the country where baseball could be played more than 3-4 months of the year
  • keeping the Kingdom in mind while doing all things LL is important
  • moving up to a more competitive level will likely cause some challenges for me; I am competitive by nature.
  • I need to find good ways to deal with some potentially problem kids/ parents that I know already that I will have.
  • I can't wait for the snow to melt so we can get on with practices
  • there will be some "good" players that don;t make it into majors this year
  • did I mention that I love baseball?!?!?!?!

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