Thursday, March 15, 2007

God is the Gospel -- Chapter 7

  • One of the most simple and profound descriptions of the gospel
    in the New Testament occurs in 1 Timothy 1:11.
  • the glory of God is not marginal or dispensable but is
    essential to making the good news good.
  • An essential part of what makes the gospel of the death and resurrection of Christ good news is that the God it reveals is infinitely joyful. No one would want to
    spend eternity with an unhappy God. If God were unhappy, then the
    goal of the gospel would not be a happy goal, and that means it
    would be no gospel at all.
  • The happiness of God is first and foremost a happiness in his
    Son.6 Thus when we share in the happiness of God, we share in the
    very pleasure that the Father has in the Son. Ultimately this is what
    makes the gospel good news. It opens the way for us to see and savor
    the glory of Christ. And when we reach that ultimate goal we will
    find ourselves savoring the Son with the very happiness that the
    Father has in the Son.
  • Three things stand in the way of our complete satisfaction in
    this world. One is that nothing here has a personal worth great
    enough to meet the deepest longings of our hearts. Another is that
    we lack the strength to savor the best treasures to their maximum
    worth. And the third obstacle to complete satisfaction is that our
    joys here come to an end. Nothing lasts.
  • We must make plain to people that if their hope stops short
    of seeing and savoring the glory of God in Christ, they are not fixing
    their hearts on the main thing and the best thing Christ died to
    accomplish—seeing and savoring the glory of God in the face of
    Christ with everlasting and ever-increasing joy.

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