Monday, November 3, 2008

ND not quite ready for primetime….

The Irish proved on Saturday afternoon that while they ARE vastly improved as a team. They ARE NOT quite ready to move into the top level of college football. After a good drive, a turnover, and another touchdown the Irish went to the locker room with a 17-3 lead on Pitt. Things were looking under control. Only someone didn’t tell Pitt that the game was going to be out of reach.
In the second half Notre Dame had a hard time mustering any consistent offense and the defense wore down. Suddenly, the game was in overtime, where neither team would find the end zone. The game became a battle of field goals and the Irish blinked first. On a kick that appeared from home to go over the upright, the call was “no good”. Pitt converted their FG and the game was over.
There is obvious growth in almost every facet of the game each week. And that is great news. The defense is improving as a unit, Micahel Floyd is amazing, remember that Clausen is just a sophomore, Armando Allen will break a huge run at some time. All that and the inconsistencies of a young team could not be overcome. For the future I am excited, for Saturday I am mad we didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to climb back to the top 25.

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