Friday, November 21, 2008

Link Dump 11/21/08

How to Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half - we will continue to see more practical stuff like this as the economy struggles

The Lazy Man’s Guide to Getting Things Done

Six Simple Housework Hacks

10 Reasons Why Veterans Make Great Employees

Why Couples Fight Over Money and What to Do About It

Why Churches Should Stop Marketing

Empowerment Versus Delegation

Download Porn Again Christian—Free!

World's Hottest Burger, on A Current Affair

Sarah Palin in her own words

Are You Busy? - CJ Mahaney hits it on the head

Dispatch from the UK: Turkish Delight

In Times Like These

Sex Offenders Sue for Right to Volunteer in Churches

10 Things You’d Love to Say at Work ... But Can’t

10 More Things You’d Love to Say at Work ... But Still Can’t

5 Reasons You Should Be Glad the Election is Over No Matter Who You Voted For

Save Money by Converting Your Lawn Into a Garden [Environment] I'm podering this for next Spring...

Amazon Offering "Give One, Get One" XO Laptop Deal [In Brief]

Barack Obama Forced to Kick BlackBerry Addiction [Email] Rounds Up the Post-Thanksgiving Deals [Deals]

Lend Your Money this Christmas

Help! I Can’t Pay My Bills. Part 1


BIN LADEN VOWS MAJOR NEW ATTACKS: Olmert vows to divide Jerusalem

7 Important Security Tips For Your Windows PC

Understanding Four Views on the Lord's Supper

Pivot Head Hex Wrenches -- cool Christmas idea

Can Obama Call Himself a Christian?

The Coming Religion

9 Minutes Over Baltimore - a breakdown of the final minutes of ND v. Navy

Thinking Biblically About Facebook

Nine Innings No Matter What

Salvation Army goes hi-tech with credit card scanners on signature red kettles

Thanksgiving is around the corner

63 Questions Top Obama Official Have to Answer

Coming of Age: The Importance of Male Rites of Passage

22 reasons to bless the Lord from Psalm 103

Leading the church in uncertain financial times...

A Great method for spending time alone with God...

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