Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Irish are who we thought they were…

What a frustrating game to watch. 17-0. not one single point. I think that if we had been told that the Boston College offense would be held to 10 points most of us would have thought that the Irish would have taken the game. Not so fast…
It seemed like it took forever for Notre Dame to get anything going on offense. When they finally did, the consistently found ways to shoot themselves in the foot; sometimes both feet at once. Early on they just could not move. They field position keeping them pinned at their end of the field. But even when they did move the big mistake came EVERY time.
The defense did a commendable job holding back BC , especially in the early stages when it seemed that each time they got the ball it was on the ND side of the field. Yet in the end, they could not hold them back nor make the “big play” that would help change the tide of the game.
The absolute back breaker came at the beginning of the second half. After holding the Eagles to three and out at their own end, Golden Tate fumbled the punt. BC took advantage, driving then to score their only offensive score of the game. Things only continued o unravel for ND from there. Knowing that the Irish were pressing to get back into the game, BC was able to play a soft defense in the secondary that allowed them to be ready to pounce on Jimmy Clausen’s mistakes.
I think that it is time to accept the fact that we fans drank the kool-aid a little early on this squad. The facts are beginning to be clear:

· This IS an improved football team
· This IS NOT a legitimate top 25 football team
· When the season started the most realistic predictions had ND losing 4-5 games
· The future is very bright for this squad
· We are watching the growing pains. One minute they will be world beaters, the next they cannot get out of their own way.
· ANY bowl bid should be considered progress
· A bowl win would kill a monkey that has been on the program’s back and continue to build to the future
· If the Irish can handle the two teams left that they should (Navy and Syracuse) that is a step in the right direction.
· Honestly, the USC game could be a season maker or a true disaster
· We need to continue to cheer these guys on, understanding that rebuilding to an elite level has become a process.


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