Thursday, December 27, 2007

No Search parties needed...

I completely checked out of the web (blog/ blogosphere, email, browsing, etc.) for 5 days. Believe it or not I survived. Funny how reliant we have bocome on some things that are very new. It was great to celebrate Christmas with family.
My mother in law rented a cabin at a camp ground on a lake at that side of the family spend Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday morning together. We played Bingo for prizes, board games, listened to music, watched a moview, played the Wii, and ate way more than we needed to. It was fun to connect in that way. We usually just get together on Christmas Eve.
My mom joined us at our house for Christmas day. It was a great time, just a bit hard being the first time without my dad. My mom got a great card from a friend that reminded her that he is now where it is Christmas every day!
I think that I watched more movies (5) in the last week than maybe in the last 5 months. I'm working up a post on them. I am also trying to avoid carpal tunnel or ealy onset arthritis from playing the Guitar Hero game that we got the kids for Christmas.
I also completed an improvement project in our kitchen that started out as a birthday present for my wife... that is a whole post in itself.
Along with a bit of reading it was a good time off of work and changing the pace. The kids are home for another week but I am returning to my routine. The only downside I have found is finding an effective way to clear my email inboxes and feed reader without missing the important stuff. Onward...

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