Monday, November 12, 2007

Link Dump -- 12 November -- The Deer are Nervous Edition

The second half of last week completely got away. Hope you had a good week/ weekend. Unless you are an ND, Michigan, Ohio St, or Colts fan I guess ; rough weekend. Here are some links from the past several days...

10 Simple, Sure-fire Ways to Make Today Your Best Day Ever - a great post to read on Monday morning
Five Things You Need to Know About Effective Habit Change
House - trailers for the upcoming movie based on Ted Dekker's book
Our Silly Protests - another perspective on the "boycott the evil movie" trend
70 Unique Places to Find Ideas: No Metablogs Allowed
Free Stuff for Teachers
The Gospel and Personal Evangelism - good book review/ recommendation
100 Examples and Ideas For Home-Based Businesses
Canada's Latest Invention: Leaf Blower Hockey - those crazy Canucks...
Free Clip Art at the Open Clip Art Library [Free]
Keep Clutter Down With the Like In, Like Out Principle [Organization]
Stressed? Get Just One Important Thing Done Today [Life Hacks]
I’m Not Afraid of Atheists (or Their Movie)
100 Resources for Bloggers - ought to be something of use for you here
10 Things I've Learned in 10 Years
Why I Support Mike Huckabee for President - Randy Alcorn's endorsement
Book Darts - cool tool for students, teachers, readers
Five reasons I always offer to pray for people on-the-spot
Lessons In Not Sucking: Common Communication Mistakes
Wall of Scripture Found in Jerusalem
A Brilliant Prank
Lose? Break Out the Knife. - a new low in athletic sportsmanship
20 books on Christ and culture.
C.S. Lewis Conference
Things to Ponder
'The Golden Compass'-- Does Not Point to True North
WWF Jesus
Britain’s most stupid laws
Top Ten Military Bombers of All Time
A BLT that goes baaah instead of oink -- courtesy of Bacon Unwrapped
Have fun feeding hungry people...really
Not just what, but HOW! -- creative ways to invite

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