Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Link Dump -- 06 November - Elections Edition

I realized this morning that it's time to clean up the blog reader again; too many feeds. Here are some good posts from the last seeral days.

Bringing Serving Back
Feast of St Hubert
C.S. Lewis & the Emerging Church
More on Learning to Speak Human
‘Prophetic Untimeliness’ by Os Guiness
Earth from the other side of Saturn
A baby’s will to live -- pretty hard to miss the miracle here...
50% attend top 10% largest churches
Ten Websites Every Pastor Should Know
Lessons In Not Sucking, Communication In Print
Burnout in Ministry?
A Bag Full of Wet Tribbles
Washing Osama's Feet
Loyal To The End -- sad


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DLE said...


Thanks for the link to my post at Cerulean Sanctum ("...Wet Tribbles") on education and for the link in your sidebar. Blessings.