Monday, August 6, 2007

BOOK #11 – The Great Physician’s RX for Weight Loss

BOOK #11 – The Great Physician’s RX for Weight Loss
by Dr. Jordan Rubin

I picked this book up last week in an effort to help a new discipleship group find some curriculum. I have previously read Dr. Rubin’s book The Great Physician’s RX and had enjoyed it. This book is a small one and can be read in an afternoon. It covers the main seven principles that he goes by (see below) and expounds on their direct connection to weight loss.
I appreciate the way that Dr. Rubin writes from a personal point of view. He has lived these principles in his life. While he has never personally struggled with being heavy, he understands what it is like to have health struggles. The book also includes testimonies of some who have applied these principles to their lives.
Some, myself included, my struggle with some of the principles as far as making them practical. To me the idea of dipping my hands in soap and snorting salt water is a little over the top. I also would struggle with eating absolutely no pork products. Maybe I am the one who needs to reevaluate? I do think that if followed, even with some slight modifications, these principles would hold well for anyone looking to gain health and lose some weight.
I am convinced that the keys to weight loss/ control beyond just “eat less and exercise” are allowing God to be a part of our lives, becoming more intimate with Him, and finding a partner(s) to travel the road with us. There is safety and success in numbers; we have to be willing to engage in the accountability steps.

Seven Principles for Health
1. Eat to Live
2. Use whole food nutritional supplements
3. practice advanced hygiene
4. condition your body with exercise
5. reduce the toxins in your environment
6. avoid deadly emotions
7. live a life of prayer and purpose

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