Monday, December 1, 2008

Link Dump 12/1/08

Happy December everybody! Time sure flies. I took a mini blogcation over the Thanksgiving weekend and am looking forward to posting a new batch of quotes, toons, book reviews, videos, and links for the upcoming days. It all starts with this link dump...

Honestly, Megaburgers Bore Me, But Here Are Some Crazy Photos Anyway

Top 11 Crazy Real Burgers You Can Eat

Testing Bullet-Proof Glass ladies, do you trust your husband this much???

Mike Bullmore: What We Should Do with Our Money

A Nation of Fig Trees

How to Encourage a Blogger this Christmas

10 Tips to Read More and Read Better

US Officials Flunk Test

Bob Jones U. Apologizes for Former Racist Policies

How to Build an Igloo : in case you just want to

10 Great Ways to Jumpstart Your Creativity

Abraham Lincoln offers Thanksgiving to God

6 Americans Among the Dead in India Terror Attacks

Cops Try to ID Shoppers in Deadly Wal-Mart Stampede just sad on so many levels...

Pastor Who Helped Get 'Under God' in Pledge Dies


FCC Pushing for Free Internet Plan [Free Wi-Fi]

Five Best CD and DVD Burning Tools [Hive Five]

Send Text Messages From Your Email Account [SMS]

Belkin Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger [Stuff We Like]

Making Time for the MITs (Most Important Things) [Back To Work]

Fun with Church Bumper Stickers…

Why You Need An Estate Plan And How To Set One Up.

Five Ways Husbands Can Have More Sex With Their Wives - Part One

Create a Godly Memory, Send a VOM Action Pack

How to organize a theology of Romans...

12-pound, 28-inch pizza Challegnge, Oshkosh, WI

The Card To The Chosen Card Trick Tutorial do some magic tricks at your holiday gatherings

How many human lives is a flat panel TV worth?

thanksgiving myths

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