Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas in Honolulu ... ND Goes Bowling

After all was said and done the Irish have accepted a bid to play in the Hawaii Bowl on Christmas Eve. The opponent : The University of Hawaii.
This bowl offered the highest level opponent of the possibilities and after all, could it be so bad to spend Christmas in paradise. The team will get a week less practice than a New Year's bowl, the rush will be on for game prep and travel after finals, and the Warriors are playing on their home field.
All that leads up to the big points:
  • ND has not won a bowl game this century
  • a win takes the edge off a rough finish to the regular season
  • a win shows that Charlie does have the team's attention and is leading them in the right direction
  • a loss creates a second consecutive losing season
  • the game will be in primetime and not up against other games so everyone (read: recruits) will be watching

Let's hope Santa's not too busy that night to drop a W down the Irish's chimney.

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