Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Customer Service ???? at Wal Mart

So the van is WAY overdue for an oil change… I decide that “sliding” over to WalMart the morning after Christmas is the way to go. The auto service department is scheduled/ advertised to open at 7 AM. The weather is pretty crummy (see the upcoming post on that one) but I make it with no problem. I arrive at 7:05 an find that the sliding glass door entryway of the department is not open. I look inside to see two service reps getting the cash register ready and they signal “just a minute” to me. I stand and wait for several minutes I begin to deal with a bit of personal frustration.
After several phone calls and one of the service guys walking to the front of the store, a manager arrives and unlocks the door at 7:23… yep almost 20 minutes standing outside. This just after seeing a report on the news before leaving the house abot how the stores are looking to drum up any business they can. The very worst part was that the manager, who could see my impatience and frustration I a sure, quickly turned and left the area before the door was even opened. GRRRRRRR
Then after the wait I step to the counter to order up my oil change and find out that the price of the oil change (basic/ value package) I got just a few months back has now increased in price approx. 80%. Double GRRRRRRRRRR. At the old price it was about $3 more than I could do ti myself, well worth it. Looks like I’ll be going back to changing my own oil. Out of options for the weekend, I bit the bullet and payed the price. Other than getting my mother’s grociries, this trip to WalMart was as frustration as they come.
In a world where companies are supposedly vying for my loyalty and dollars is it too much to ask that at the very least the doors get opened when advertised. And when a mistake is made, that someone at least say, “we’re sorry”? I know that this was just the beginning of a few things that God was trying to teach me on this particular December 26th … but man it was maddening.

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