Sunday, December 10, 2006


Distractions come in all types and sizes. There are the good ones like sports, movies, or a good book. But even these can take an improper place in our lives. When were are in school weretold not to get distracted. Don't get me wrong I think that a focused intensity is needed to accomplish great things but when we run with our head down we miss a lot of the world around us. We somewhere have to find a balance. The things that are designed to distract us from life for a while can become so important to us that we are distracted from the really important things. Some are more susceptible to distractions than others; some people could benifit from a few moments/ hours of distraction. I think that it's in the change of pace that comes from a distraction that we can get perspective back. Some people take vacations, some people change jobs, still others make changes to their physical appearnce and/ or wardrobe. What really comes to the front is that when distractions take their proper place they really lead back to purpose and perspective. Jesus went off alone for some "ditraction" time quite often. He needed perspective. We all need perspective; and once we get it we need the guts to make the priorities to accomplish what we should. We all should get distracted from time to time, kinda like this blog...

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