Monday, December 4, 2006

2007 is on the way

It really doesn't seem possible that 2006 is almost gone already, but that's reality for ya... it usually kicks you right in the butt. One of the cool things aout this time of year is that you usually take the opprtunity to take the perspectives of past and future. We look back at the things we just went through and we also look forward and make plans and goals (dare I use the dreaded word resolutions) for the NEw Year. So I thought Id make this post about those things.

2006 Highlights:
  1. Began to see a clearer pitcture of what God has for me to do.
  2. Sometimes these aren't all positive... seems like there were a lot of people sick/ injured around me this year. My wife spent most of August very ill and my mom fell and broke her arm in a way that may never heal properly. Know or are associated with a lot of people dealing with cancer as well. These times helped me grow and understand in a wa you can never if you don't deal with them.
  3. The miricle that is my dad. A year ago Christmas week I had my wife bring our kids to the hospital to see him because we thought it might be his time to home. He has bounced back in miraculous ways and now sees them off to school every morning for us.
  4. Had a great baseball season... the team I managed won their division and I got to manage my first All Star team. Great times and great opportunities to be around people.
  5. Started an EMT course that will help me in my job and help me help others. This will also be tied to the 2007 goals as I need to pass written and practical exams in January.
  6. Evening Children's Coodinator for Prarie Camp. I've done this for a few years and it's always rewarding and a blast.
  7. Learned how important it is to count the blessing that you have rather than worry about the thkngs you wish/ want to be better.

I'm sure I could think of more given time and I may add a few is something significant pops into mind. Up next, goals for 2007...

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