Tuesday, December 5, 2006


As I look forward to the upcoming year there are tons of things that I would like to set as goals. For the record, I think that the term "resolutions" stinks. I can "resolve" to do anything but if I take no action nothing happens. Goals require movement. I know that goals can be ignored as well but they somehow give a better mental picture to me. Anywhoo... I'm trying to keep on this list things that I think are truly important and worthy of setting as goals. They are, in only the particular order which they came to me:

  • Read the Bible completely through in a translation I have not read.
  • Read 40 books. I'm going to count audio ones as well. I hope to well balance non-fiction, fiction and biography in these selections.
  • Have an individual time/ "date" with each of my kids at least every other week
  • Have a date night with my wife at least once a month
  • complete clinicals and pass written and practical exams ro obtain my EMT certification
  • meet regularly with an accountability partner
  • find a man to disciple personally. I already have someone in mind for this; this is where the taking action thing kicks in.
  • have fun with this blog and hopefully make it something useful to others.

I will likely be adding to this as they come to mind in the coming days/ weeks. I'lll also try to pass on updtes on how they are coming.

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