Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Link Dump 5/25/10 -

Its been a while ... again ... some of these are very recent others a bit old. All I found worthy of a look.

10 Examples of Shockingly-Excellent Customer Service
7 Ways to Be a Missionary in College
2010: The Year Instant Messaging Finally Died?
Politics in the end view
The power of the status quo
What Every Parent Should Teach Their Child About Body Language
Why Safe Isn't Enough
Sunday Morning: Satirical Look at Certain Modern Practices
Big-Time Leaders Have Small-Sized Egos
Lost Wallet? What to Do and How to Prevent Identity Theft
Free Download: Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe
What Would Happen If Every Church’s Focus was to Make Disciples?
Discipleship vs. Leadership Development
Top 10 Privacy Tweaks You Should Know About [Lifehacker Top 10]
Ballyard Religion
P90X meet G90X
What the Church Can Learn from LOST
Rules Of Firearm Safety – Infographic
7 Must Read Life Lessons from Abraham Lincoln
Universal Network Cable
Sarah Palin: Just When Ya Think It Can’t Get Any More “Interesting”... Welcome, Neighbor!
The ‘Before You Hit Publish’ Blog Post Checklist
13 Assumptions About Technology and Online Community
A Peculiar List of Facebook Facts You Probably Didn’t Know [Infographic]
Joel Osteen or Fortune Cookie?
Noah's Ark Found-----Again???
Chicken Monkey Duck
7 Baseball Pitching Grips Every Man Should Know
Pornography — The Difference Being a Parent Makes
How The Lord of the Rings should have ended

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