Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quick Hits

A few random thoughts on a whole variety of things :
  • Its nice to have a quiet day at home. Threat of storms made us decide to pass on the Pulse Festival and the MMA event at the Cove today. For the record, to this point the sun is shining.
  • I wasn't really hungry until my wife started canning homemade pizza sauce in the kitchen. Finding food as soon as I'm done typing this.
  • I can't believe that my boys will be 17 in a week. Time marches on.
  • I'm excited for the beginning of football. high school, college, and NFL.
  • I am constantly reminded of how selfishly stupid people get when they lose their perspective. No matter how good you have it. You know who you are, Carlos Zambrano. That could be a whole post of it's own.
  • I've been invited to help broadcast high school sports on again this year. It all starts with the football coaches show from 6-9 PM Monday night.
  • My daughter (our youngest) is a high school freshmen this year.
  • I'm anxious to see if Notre Dame is as good as they appear they should be. Are we being fooled again by false hope or are we underestimating what could be a special season?
  • I wonder if the White Sox are going to try some waiver moves to get better or just let it ride for the rest of the year. That division is VERY winnable. Need to improve and make the hard decisions on playing time (Dunn) that will afford a chance to win.
  • Confession: I went for food before finishing this. - just pretzels for now
  • Always thinking of was to better manage my time for things that I want to do rather than settling for the now decisions.
  • Grateful for the group of family and friends that I have.
That's it for now

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