Monday, November 16, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Monday

  • The last time I was at this Panera was the morning of the Inauguration
  • This laptop needs a serious tuneup and memory boost
  • Sorry I dozed in and out of the Sunday Night game so much. The Colts made an amazing comeback. I know Belicheck is getting hammered for trying to go for it on 4th but who really ants to give that ball to Peyton with 2 minutes when he is locked in like he was late last night. Great game.
  • Pondering if Weis really will get canned at ND. I'm not saying I love the guy. Pretty much anyone I talk to says hes not a very nice person. I question how bad another rebuild (new coach) will set the program back. I know we aren't winning the big games but improvement has been noted. I'll g on record now that if Charlie gets axed, Jimmy Clausen is gone to the NFL for sure.
  • This is the first opening of deer season I have missed since I started hunting. I wish I was hunting in many ways; yet the rain outside and the fact that I wasn't really having that much fun because I usually feel like I should be somewhere else, doing something else plays a factor.
  • so many to dos on my list. I get distracted and often get nothing done.
  • I'm glad for the days I've taken off work, i just need to unplug from it a bit so that I get some enjoyment from them.
  • Excited about the HS wrestling season starting next week. Excited that my son is on the team this year as well. Trying to decide if posts to Twitter or Facebook are the best way to pass along updates from the matches. Many times, especially on the weekends, the JV and Varsity are at two different places.
  • this is not a very good day to burn all the leaves from my yard
  • I keep thinking about all the things in life that make us scared and unsure of the future. For a while now I am constantly reminded of Jesus' words; "in this world you will have trouble" and "these things must happen so the end will come". Not sure how that all fits together but that's what I'm being reminded.

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