Wednesday, May 6, 2009

FPU Reflections

Last Sunday evening we finished our most recent Financial Peace University (FPU) class. As always, it was good for us to go through the material. We are constantly learning and growing along with the class each time we coordinate. Just like a good novel or Scripture, the is gold to mined for our lives each time that inevitably applies directly to whee we are in our current journey.

This class is harder than most for me to say goodbye to. Believe me when I say that I am happy to reclaim the hours back into my schedule. Yet, the diversity and insight that these class members brought was very enjoyable. I know that these families will do well. And the Kingdom will be better for it. Here's a snapshot of the couples involved:

  • There always seems to be a level of attrition for any FPU course. This couple was unable to continue do to childcare issues and concerns over pregnancy complications. They were really growing. They are starting a home based business. My hope is that they will build in the foundation of the first 4-5 weeks and jump into another class when life settles for them a bit.

  • This couple in their late 40's came because her mother and father paid for then to do it. They were reluctant and missed several classes but you could tell that they were seeing the benefit of the material. The mother who paid the way passed on during the course which I think helped them want to honor the gift. They too I hope will build upon what they have and return to it again.

  • My third couple are remarried and just beginning the "empty nest" stage. They came into the class looking to learn each week and you could see it in their reactions and looks to one another as the videos played that it was sinking in and they were "getting it". They are type A personalities and they are going to kick down their debt and begin to pass the baton to others, you can just tell.

  • The next couple is in their 20s and yet to have their first child. They fire me up because they are starting out on a road that will involve a much smaller hole to dig out of and the building process and winning will come more quickly. They are bright and gifted and I can see them free to do the work they are wired to do and never have to have a plain old "job" just to make the ends meet -- VERY COOL

  • The last couple is by no means the least. This pair included a very reluctant spouse. The husband came (barely) to the opening classes because his wife dragged him along. After the budgeting lesson they put the wheels in motion that have revolutionized their finances, and I believe their marriage and lives. He works independently and travels a lot. He mentioned Sunday that the ability to not have to worry about where the money is coming to cover the week's expenses has given him peace. They killed all of their credit card debt during the class and their debt snowball is really rolling. The extra cool thing is that they did it while she is not working. This stuff works!

I'm not sure at what point we will be offering the class again but I encourage everyone, no matter how well off you are, to get into FPU and explore God's and grandma's way of handling your finances.

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